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Rihanna & Pat Don't Disappoint

"Makeup is a movement. Makeup is mesmerizing. Makeup is major." - Pat McGrath

Though these two products come from two different brands, I couldn't help but notice the similarities in color tones and the fact that they were formulated by African American women.I I thought they just needed to be lauded in the same blog post together! Pat McGrath Labs is a premiere prestige brand created by a wildly talented makeup artist while Fenty Beauty was launched over 2 years ago by the equally talented (though in the music industry) artist, Rihanna. These brands have influenced the beauty industry in a pivotal way, diversifying skin tone options and rethinking product textures in a way that few other brands have. While Fenty is far more accessible to the masses' purses, Pat McGrath is a solid splurge choice for those luxury once-a-year, treat-yo-self purchases.

Below we have Fenty's all-star Gloss Bomb in "FU$$Y" and Pat McGrath's Eyedols eye shadow in "Crimson Fire", packing on all the shine and metallics:

Left to right: Fenty Gloss Bomb in "FU$$Y", Pat McGrath's Eyedols in "Crimson Fire"

Check out those swatches to get a sampling of Fenty's gloss luminosity and Pat's insane pigment pay-off:

The Fenty Gloss Bomb is the stickiest (in the best way), most wet gloss I've tried. There isn't much color though it looks like a neutral light rosy red in the bottle, but it makes up for the lack of pigment in shine and moisture. You can certainly wear it alone (I do) or pop it over a lipstick in the very center of the lip. The shimmer particles are tiny, so no worries about overdone glitter chunks flashing around your lips there!

Pat's eyeshadow is stunning! The pigmentation is oh so rich with no fall-out - insane! I'm all about burgundy shades this year, so I was immediately drawn to this crimson shade which pays off exactly like the shade advertised. It's certainly has a more metallic finish then a soft shimmer finish, so get ready to be bold and make a statement when wearing this.

Worn together, these two are the perfect rocker-chic pair...drama and loudness on the eyes paired a glossy, pale lip. Anyone tried Rihanna's other 3 glosses or even anything else by Pat? Though Pat's price-point is a little steep, I genuinely believe in her brand, so I'm curious as to what I need to try next within her line...

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