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Downsizing & Lightening the Load

"Work smarter, not harder"

I wanted to chat a bit about kit carrying for artists. In the past few years of professional on-location hair styling & makeup artistry, I have learned a few hard lessons when it comes to effective travel and weight-bearing on my petite person. There is nothing worse than entering a building and being greeted by an endless, steep staircase, burdened by several 40-50lb totes and an unwieldy chair.

Earlier this year I studied the blogs, YouTube channels, & social media profiles of some successful TV, film, and wedding stylists as well as joined an immensely informative Instagram/Facebook group, The Artist's Arsenal, to consider how I could downsize & lighten my kit without sacrificing my kit's expansive, versatile nature. So keep reading to peep a few things I changed...

This crafting container was purchased in the craft section of Walmart for a few bucks! I measured the mascara wands prior to shopping as they were the longest disposable tool that needed to fit into a box, and what do you know, they fit to a "T"!

This jewelry container was purchased in the bead/jewelry craft section of ACMoore, and I love this because I can fit 25+ pairs of strip lashes in a compact container. I do, however, have to trim the plastic surrounding the lashes for them to fit, but the sheer fact that I can pack so many into a tiny space is worth the extra effort.

These vacuum-sealed, refillable, pump bottles were purchased on Amazon to hold serums, primers, and moisturizers (12 bottles for $17.99). Say goodbye to large-sized or glass containers!

These screw-top containers were purchased at Sally's to hold my thick cream & silicone-based products.

These squeezable drop bottles for runny liquids like cleansers, oils, and radiance boosters were purchased on Amazon (24 for $10.99). The top is easily removed for refilling, and they are leak-proof!

This sturdy stackable screw-top cylinder was purchased at Walmart for $6.49 in the crafting section, and I use it for lip prep products.

These small sifting cylinders with removable sifters were purchased on Amazon for my loose setting powders (4 for $6.28).

This double-sided magnetic Z-Palette was purchased from Naimies for blush ($36) - light blushes on one side and...

... dark blushes on the opposite side!

These magnetic refillable eyeshadow palettes were repurposed as lipstick palettes purchased on Amazon ($5.85) to hold my melted lipsticks arranged by shades.

These clear pencil cases were repurposed to hold lipliners (also ones for brow products, eyeliners, and liquid/cream eyeshadows) and were purchased on Amazon (4 for $10.99)

A peek into my large train-case (also an Amazon purchase for $60)! Removable, soft dividers & elastic pockets inside, and my personal favorite is that there is a band on the back that slips over handles of a larger rolling case to allow for safe stacking.

I carry this double-layer "color" makeup case to hold all but concealers, foundations, and setting sprays.

My hope is that; 1) if you're a beauty professional reading this, you can glean some insight into making your kit work for YOU, not the opposite way around (don't damage your body further with excess weight!) or 2) if you're a past or potential client reading this, you get a look inside our kits and understand the massive amount of effort & time true artists go through to ensure we have every item to suit every skin type, color, and style for you!

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