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A plethora of rainbow colors, all gorgeous! Try just one shade or choose up to three shades

You can shower, curl, blow-dry, & straighten it! It grows out with your natural hair and can last for several months

Adults and children alike love it, and the comments you'll receive in the checkout line are endless

Also known as "hair tinsel", fairy hair is ideal for anyone with hair longer than 4 inches & who is over 4 years old. It is hand-tied securely near the root the root of two strands of your own hair and can last 4-6 weeks* or even longer!

Come see us in-studio (by appointment only)!

2930 Queensland Dr.

Henrico, VA 23294


We are open most weekdays, and appointments last 20-45min.

15 strands - $35

20 strands - $45

25 strands - $55

30+ strands - $65+

We also offer home fairy hair parties (for groups over 4) as well as event/festival appearances!


 A minimum of 5/maximum of 10 people can each receive 10-15 strands. Travel outside of 10 miles from our studio location will necessitate a travel fee ($0.50/mile).

Please contact us directly to learn more about how we can make your event/festival a little more magical! 

*DISCLAIMER: If you have thin, brittle, damaged or delicate hair, please note that the fairy hair may fall out at a much faster rate whereas strong, thick hair may retain hair longer. Some may find their fairy hair lasts several weeks or months. For younger children, it may only last a week or two. There is no guarantee for fairy hair lasting any particular length of time as it is subject to the fineness/thickness & weakness/strength of each hair follicle it is tied into. The tinsel strands will fall out when hair follicles shed naturally, so you may see loss of strands on a daily or biweekly basis.

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