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Missing the Marc

"I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect - they are much more interesting." - Marc Jacobs

Ever since two Cali-based makeup artist friends raved about their favorites in the Marc Jacob line, I was determined to get my hands on something by this prestigious brand. Obviously, the line isn't exactly affordable because of the name behind it, and I didn't want to fork out much without having tested at least one of the products first, so I found a cute little bundle of trial-sized lip goodies for $25 at Sephora (they no longer sell this particular lip kit but Marc Jacobs Beauty still does) along with a retractable eyeshadow.


The lip set, aptly named "Cream & Sugar", includes the prettiest peach-toned products; a shimmering, pearlescent gloss, a faint peachy-nude lipliner, and a medium peach lipstick. The eyeshadow too is a gorgeous warm deep bronze, so the two compliment each other perfectly though that wasn't the initial intention.


Left to right: lip pencil in "Cream & Sugar", lipstick in "Cream & Sugar", lipgloss in "Enamored", and creme eyeshadow in "Three Shakes"

The colors in these two sets of products are unparalleled - they're truly lovely. But the lip kit was a disappointment. I could have very well landed with an old kit, slightly dried out or faulty, but the pencil was tough to move around, cakey, and a little chalky. The gloss was a pretty topper but a bit thin and not very moisturizing, and though the lipstick was a nice shade, it didn't last long on my lips and cracked a bit after a while, most likely due to the liner underneath.

Now I absolutely adore the creamy eyeshadow pen! Not only is it just a rich, warm shade of bronzed brown, but it feels like liquid going on but blends and STICKS (major fault of most cream shadows as they easily crease) so perfectly with full pigment. It's unlike any other shadow pencil that I've tried, and trust me, as a multi-purpose-tool-loving artist, I've tried quite a few. It's a staple in my kit now!

Any Marc Jacobs products you're loving in your own makeup bag? I'd love a few other recommendations from the line...

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