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"Hey Sista, Go Sista, [SOL] Sista, Flow Sista"

"Shine your light and make a positive impact on the world; there is nothing so honorable as helping improve the lives of others." - Roy T. Bennett

I've been on the prowl for a body shimmer for a while, especially since I've noticed the growing trend for the add-on service of glowing bridal décolletage among MUAs, but I haven't wanted to splurge just yet on a top-of-the-line brand like Red Carpet Kolour. Or at least until I see if this high contrast trend will take off among conservative, classic Virginian brides.

SOL, a sister brand of ColourPop, is a shimmering body oil that boasts many different shades and three types of textures (dry oil, glow oil, and pressed powder). In a recent order, I picked up two shimmering dry oil bottles in "Platinum" & "Soft Gold?, a glow oil in "Caramel", and two Just A Tint lip crayons in "Waikiki" & "Rise N Shine" because the colors were just too irresistible.

sol body glow colourpop dry oil glow oil body shimmer

Left to right: Waikiki, Rise N Shine, Soft Gold, Caramel, & Platinum

For starters, these shimmers are stunning in the bottle. I could swirl them around all day and watch those glittering particles dance! I don't love the pump-like packaging because one squirt, especially in the dry oil liquid formula, comes out fast and strong due to its thin watery nature, and I feel that over time, were the nozzle to become a little clogged with dried glitter particles, the built-up pressure could end up spraying out, making a beautiful mess. I'm also not a fan of the glass bottles (due to their heaviness and bulkiness in my kit) or their accompanying plastic tops which are terribly flimsy and have already cracked over a month's time. Aside from the that though, let's break down their performance a little further:

The dry oil formula is verrrrrry shimmery, almost too much so. It dries quickly, and the oil itself absorbed into my normal-dry skin-type easily, but the glitter particles rubbed off once touched. The colors are fairly translucent, so there isn't a vast difference between "Soft Gold" and "Platinum" in tone. To be honest, I am a little disappointed in its performance overall.

The glow oil is my favorite of the two and more metallic and thicker than the dry oil. The deep bronze tone of "Caramel" would make for a scintillating topper to a spray-tan or naturally darker skin-tone, and I wish I had purchased a lighter shade in the glow oil instead of the dry oil. It too rubs off when touched, but not as noticeably as the other two shimmers. I tried mixing the two formulas and that seemed to work well, but because the bronze shade is so deep and rich and "Platinum" is so aqueous, it pulled through strongly and essentially made my skin the same "Caramel" shade but with two times the shimmer!

Now on to briefly describe the lip tints - they are fabulous! They do just as advertised: give your lips a hint of color and moisture. I love the two colors I chose which are a neutral browny red tone and a deep wearable coral. And THEY SMELL DIVINE! The scent is reminiscent of a tropical oasis or island beverage! Highly recommend...

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