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Airbrush; The Final Frontier

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Loren

A new frontier alright – airbrushed has completely revamped makeup as we know it! It a matter of a few years, this beloved technique has skyrocketed to popularity in all avenues of makeup application. Originally unveiled for use in the 1959 classic “Ben Hur”, it has quickly grown in the entertainment industry as a standard for durable, flawless wear. Its qualities are countless, but below I’ve listed a few that I’ve found to be absolutely accurate:


I use airbrush on 99% of my brides because of the longevity of the wear of this liquid magic. My kit from Temptu is silicone-based which makes it water/sweat resistant for those humid outdoor summer weddings. The spray goes on wet and light but is easily buildable for full-coverage and holds for 12-24hrs. Once dried, you can tap your face and nothing will come off even before a setting powder or spray is applied. It’s phenomenal!

HD Finish:

Because the foundation is sprayed on and released in tiny beads, it forms a sort of globular net over the face, lying on top of and mimicking the pore patterns. This creates a microscopic difference in the way the foundation is viewed through high-definition lenses. Instead of minuscule stripes from a brush’s stroke or tiny gaps from a sponge, this is blown on with compressed air. It applies dewy but dries matte, making for a proper light-reflecting finish.


Airbrushing isn’t only for facial foundation – it is used on the body to design patterns, artwork, and fake tans, on tattoos to expertly cover them up, and for small areas of high pigmentation like eyebrows, blush, and even eyeshadow when applied correctly! Special effects body artists are in great demand for film characters and live model showcases at trade shows while something as important as erasing a noticeable tattoo for a bride is commonplace for artists in the wedding industry. Because properly airbrushed makeup doesn’t transfer to clothing, it is ideal for movement and heavy wear in these occasions.

I can’t speak highly enough about airbrushing and the world of opportunity it has provided artists in the past few years! Have you been airbrushed yet?

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