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Chrissy's Summer Glow Collab

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

As soon as this collaboration was publicized, I was all over it! Though I've never been a bronzed beach bum, my inner self yearns for just that. Being that Chrissy Teigen is the queen bee of everything that's considered "summer glow" for 2018, her collaboration with Becca, also a favorite, was timely. I settled on the shimmering body oil and two lip glosses, one shimmery, one not, from the small collab, and here are a few thoughts...

becca cosmetics chrissy teigen endless summer glow review lipgloss body oil

Left to right: "Beach Nectar" Glow Gloss, "Beach Bum" Glow Gloss, & Body & Hair Oil

Let me say first that the packaging is very classy & eye-catching - it's a shiny gold box with Chrissy's signature scrawled across the front. The body oil is such a great idea, not entirely novel, but one that is easily accessible for public consumption and doesn't include a bronzing medium. Glistening gold flecks are suspended in a thin oil base and drip out of a ..............very disappointing tip. It's literally a hole in a plastic top; no pump, no squeeze, no pour spout, nothing but a hole making it really awkward to apply to the skin. The oil itself isn't bad! It drys quickly and leaves a faint sheen on the skin; not too much sparkle for those who just want a light shimmer (personally, I could have done with a bit more shimmer!). At $42 for 3.5oz bottle though, it seems a tad pricey when a nice coconut oil and some champagne highlighter could have done the trick.

becca cosmetics chrissy teigen endless summer glow review lipgloss body oil

Sample of the body oil on my forearm

Now to the glosses. I love their consistency - a tad gooey, but I like that feel of hydration! They have a minty, tingling property to them, so for those of you who aren't fans of the lip plumping ingredients, don't buy! "Beach Bum" wasn't the best shade for my skintone, but is a lovely light orangey-nude shade for those with a deeper, more golden skintone. "Beach Nectar", however, is such a unique shade. It has a garnet-plum undertone with golden glitter particles inside, and though it looks dark in the bottle, it actually applies very sheer. The longevity of the gloss isn't terrifc, I will say, but the colors are true to the "summer glow" line description, and for the size of the vial, $22 isn't a terrible price for a prestige brand.

becca cosmetics chrissy teigen endless summer glow review lipgloss body oil

Top to bottom: "Beach Nectar" Glow Gloss & "Beach Bum" Glow Gloss

Have any of you tried Chrissy's tri-shade highlighter, Bronze & Glow, or the "Malibu Soleil" shade gloss? How was it?

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