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Colour Explosion

"All I need is my Chanel dress, my Louboutins, and some red lipstick." - Blake Lively

ColourPop has opened up a kaleidoscopic portal of liquid lip textures, and let me tell you, it's serious fun that you're missing out on! With hundreds of shades and finishes for only $6 a piece, you can easily lose yourself in this makeup wonderland. ColourPop offers glossy, matte, and ultra matte options in their liquid lipstick collection not to mention the dozens of other types of lippie stix, lipliners, lipsticks, lip balms, blotted lips, and lipglosses for sale.


Left to right: Aquarius 2, Aquarius, Bianca, Lumiere 2, Beeper, Alyssa, November, Tulle, The Rabbit, Creeper

The liquid lips showcased below are an assortment of mattes and ultra mattes and range from blazing red to soft plum to coral nude. I have to admit, I'm not fully sold on the actual product's longevity, and as you may know from earlier posts, I'm not a fan of matte lipsticks because to me, they're rather uncomfortable. For the price, I can't fully blame ColourPop, and the wear is truly admirable, but I find that throughout the day the middle of the lip peels off with a plastic, rubbery texture which looks pretty unsightly. The color payoff for each shade is beautifully vibrant, but you need to have a light pull on the wand when preparing to transfer on your lips. I know this is a strange observation, but the opening of the tube is large, so it doesn't posses any of the typical suction of most namebrand lipglosses that strip the majority of the liquid off before it reaches your lips.

Take a look at the YouTube clip below to see my personal collection for yourself:

And here's another closeup of the swatches, most of them are fully dried!


Bottom to top: Aquarius 2, Aquarius, Bianca, Lumiere 2, Beeper, Alyssa, November, Tulle, The Rabbit, Creeper

My absolute favorite shade is "Lumiere 2" - I have the matching lippie stix and am fully enthralled with that mesmerizing deep mauve shade! "Tulle" and "Creeper" are similar shades and I like those two as well. Have you tried any ColourPop liquid lipsticks and if so, what shade? Maybe I'll add to my collection...

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