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Optimal Cleansing Practices

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle…” – Erno Laszlo

Even at age 25, I still struggle with the occasional irritating pore blockage (a.k.a – pimple or blackhead), and it’s truly an annoyance. But through the years, I’ve learned to pamper my skin in ways that diminish the frequency of those breakouts. Most of my breakouts are hormonal, so by tracking “things” I now know when to prep for all-out-skin-warfare-prevention.

Despite individual skin conditions, it’s universally proven that exfoliation, moisturization, and the use of non-comedogenic products are skin’s best friends. I’ve happened upon two very simple, but intensely beneficial products that I’d like to share with yo



This small tool packs a powerful punch in the world of exfoliation. Four years ago, my dear aunt purchased this purple Mia 1 for me to prove the benefits of how well the Clarisonic cleanses and softens skin. Boy, what a game-changer! The Clarisonic rotates and vibrates at incredibly high frequencies with the thousands of bristles lodged into its brush head, softly stripping away the dead skin layers and scrubbing out leftover makeup/dirt/grime in the skin. This tool leave the skin oh so soft because it is able to effectively wipe out all excess skin and makeup residue. There are several different types of brush heads ranging from “delicate” to “deep-pore cleansing”, but I prefer the “sensitive” brush head for myself. After using a cleanser to clear away most of the heavier portion of the makeup, I then apply the same cleanser to the brush head and press the button which is timed for a full minute of gentle massage by my Clarisonic. Not only are the vibrations reminiscent of a specialty spa treatment, but knowing that those tiny brush hairs are deep-cleaning your pores makes this whole ritual a thousands times more enjoyable. That final step of sloughing away any remaining makeup or dead skin cells makes a world of difference in skin’s appearance!


Speaking of cleansers, my favorite is Olay’s Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin. It is truly gentle on skin, not stripping or drying or too greasy, but right in the middle. The silky soap swiftly removes tough makeup and foams up nicely. Just a little squirt in the middle of my Clarisonic does the trick!

Do any of you own a Clarisonic? If so, what color? Don’t you just love it?

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