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Squares of Shades

"When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes." - Victor Hugo

Huda Beauty isn't a makeup line that I've invested in yet, so when I saw these gorgeous palettes at the IMATS LA at a very discounted rate, I figured it was time to try it out! The gemstone palette (the shimmering multicolored one) has been on my wish-list for a while now, so that purchase was a given, and I just loved the warm mauves and rose-golds in the other palette.

huda beauty obsessions palette gemstone mauve

First off, the colors in both palettes are the pan. On the skin, they dull a bit and the shimmers' fallout is a bit excessive. I thought I'd really like the deeper matte burgundy shades, but sadly they turned a bit brown. Now the matte coral shade in the "Mauve" palette is warm and bright and the shimmers, though frosty, are pretty. I'm not sure why they chose to call the peachy/pink/burgundy palette "mauve" because it couldn't possibly be further from the cool purple tones you'd find synonymous with the word "mauve".

The gemstones palette too is nice, but I'd definitely use water, a setting spray, or a tacky glitter glue underneath/mixed in with the shimmers to bring out their full pigmented and textured potential. There are two pinkish, peachy shimmers which I find a little redundant, but hey, to each her can never have enough shimmer in her life, period. The white shade is very chalky as well...not a favorite.

I can say that considering the relatively low cost, Obsessions Palette Mauve at $27 for 9 shades & Obsessions Palette Gemstone at $27 for 9 shades, they're not a bad purchase. They're also super compact and travel-friendly, but I'd need to carry an additional lighter shade or two in the "Mauve" palette especially since there's only one fairly medium shade that could serve as a transition shade.

Does anyone else own Huda palette, possibly in a different shade?

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