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"In a polite society, a well maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes." - Violet Grey

Flesh's makeup line is such an innovative one! This brand is "brand" new to the beauty scene as of 2017 and is the first prestige line from Revlon. It boasts that it comes in "every shade of you"; unlike the crayons and coloring pencils of old that were named "flesh" to make a human skin shade, this line understands that true flesh comes in every shade and texture. They are similar to Glossier in my opinion, focusing on multi-use, on-the-go, lightweight, and skin-conscious products paired with simple, no-frills packaging. Their mottos, too, are enough to make any makeup-lover swoon - listen to this:

"We're constantly attracted to and amazed by the power of makeup to transform your face and your attitude. It is some kind of magic."

Can't disagree with y'all!

On a recent trip to Ulta, I swatched a few Flesh products and chose one that technically doubles as a blush/cheek stain and a lip stain although they list it as solely a lip compact. Among their seven very individual but very lovely shades, I chose the shade "Puffy" which is a nude rose. Now, I do wish their colors were named differently; "Swollen", "Jiggly", "Shiver"...I mean, really? Not verbally attractive. But the rich consistency of this cream compact and the large but totally cute fingerprint (which conjured up visions of God himself stamping this makeup with His approval in an alternate universe) on the surface are wonderful touches.

Flesh Swipe Flesh Lip Compact in "Puffy"

The color is really flattering, the perfect neutral pink that is a great no-makeup-makeup lipstick shade. It is a creamy consistency but can apply matte if used sparingly and blotted! I've applied it with my fingers to both my lips and cheeks, but if you were applying a heavier layer solely to the lips for a more polished look, I'd recommend grabbing a synthetic lip brush.

At $24 for 0.1oz, I can't say that it's a good deal seeing as you can get a Maybelline shade dupe called "Warm Me Up" for $5 at 0.15oz. Not the best bang for your buck, but if you feel like splurging and using a long-wearing, cruelty-free lip product, this one's for you.

Now here's something from Flesh to make you love them even more...

"We believe that beauty is more than pigment and powder; it’s about how you imagine yourself and then bring that vision to life."

Yes and amen! Beauty is internal and spills out to the external if cultivated correctly. So with that motto in mind and a personal dedication to excellent maintenance of the skin you're in, go grab even just one product from Flesh and feel empowered!

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