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Stains That Stay

"My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand/ To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." - William Shakespeare

BITE. Four little letters. So much staying power. I picked up these slim black tubes mostly on a whim in Sephora, remembering I had read a positive review or two about them when I stopped to test out a few shades. I swatched many BITE shades which all seemed to fall in the medium to deep “berry-toned” category but settled on “Tannin”, “Pastille” and “Rhubarb”. They're rather unassumingly packaged in matte black tubes, a twist up pencil top which is too large in circumference for lining the mouth and too thin for traditional lipstick application.

Top to bottom: "Tannin", "Rhubarb", & "Pastille"

Click HERE to watch these beautiful stains in action on our YouTube channel and see the infamous vivid wear!


BITE Beauty Lip Pencil in "Tannin"


BITE Beauty Lip Pencil in "Rhubarb"


BITE Beauty Lip Crayon in "Pastille"

At $24 per stick, this Canadian-made lip product isn't the cheapest, and honestly, I wouldn't naturally reach for a matte lip pencil as my lippie of choice, but holistically speaking, it is a great product! My favorite shade is "Pastille" which is a Matte Creme Lip Crayon while the other two are both High Pigment Pencils. It was indeed creamy and applied smoothly while providing a fairly sheen-free appearance that didn't pull, crack, or slide.

As the name suggests, all three are stains; whereas I typically like borders and soft shades for my lip products, these are meant to be bold and blended as if you bit your lips for a flush of color, so even the "lighter" shades I chose were still vibrant and strong. They all lasted well into busy days keeping a firm grip on my lips and wearing off gradually but evenly, no oily residue or flaking left behind. The color selection is a bit limiting, but again, seeing that they're "stains", not lipsticks, that rings true in the name of the [stain] game.

All this to say, try one of these BITE tubes for yourself! You'll find they're comfortable, durable, and the perfect pop of pretty for a minimalist look!

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