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MILK - A Futuristic Line of Beauty Products

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

This past February as I floated wide-eyed and drop-jawed down the aisles of one of the largest Sephora's on the East Coast, my gaze was arrested by simplistic and entirely modern line of products. They almost looked alien in nature with their clear or pure white packaging and flashes of holographic shades, aqua blues, and oranges. Upon closer inspection and of course, back-of-the-hand swatch sampling, I fell deeper and deeper into MILK's beauty trance. It intrigued me, one, because I had never heard anything about the line, and two, because of its straightforward, futuristic appearance. It didn't scream "ORGANIC" or "AGE-REVERSAL" or even "LONG-WEARING" to me, but the sturdy, neat lettering and exclusive makeup products magnetized me.

I hopped online to see if Sephora had any additional products listed there as opposed to the ones I saw in-store, and they had a MILK sample kit for sale, so I nabbed one. Here are the results:

The kit came with four small containers of Cooling Water, Lip & Cheek, Blur Stick, and Matte Bronzer. They're adorable little twist-up chubby sticks with about an inch of product inside (0.2 ounces each, to be exact) and came with a groovy, modern bag and 8 samples of their foundation, Sunshine Skin Tint. Cooling Water lives up entirely to its name - it truly feels like you just drew cold liquid all over your face, and it hydrates the skin perfectly, priming it for a smooth, silky makeup application! Next up is the invisible Blur Stick which does double-duty as a pore-eraser and mattifier. I use this primarily on my T-zone underneath foundation and love the flawless results. The two color products, Lip & Cheek in "Perk" and the Matte Bronzer, pleasantly surprised me as well. Here are their swatches:

"Perk" is a salmon-toned sheer shade, creamy but not oily, and with my freckles and fair skin, it adds just the right about of natural blush to my cheeks (think Emma Stone's look in "La La Land". It doesn't quite lay right on my lips the one time I used it as a lip color, but I'll keep trying! The Matte Bronzer is well-pigmented but not orange-y like Tarte's The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer. It blends evenly with the fingertips, so it's ideal for that summertime on-the-go glow!

I'm quite looking forward to testing out more of MILK's products after the successful experience I've had with them thus far - has anyone tried their Holographic Stick highlighter yet? It seems to be all the rage...

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