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Bar of Gold & Pillow Talk

"The dreamy look is all about hypnotizing beauty that stops men in their tracks. The connection between the scent and the look is that are both the key to attraction - your whole frequency changes when you wear this look. You radiate and captivate endlessly." - Charlotte Tilbury

My love for UK boss lady Charlotte Tilbury knows no bounds. She truly is an inspiration both artistically and mentally in her mission for excellence in business, beauty, & the art world. I watch her Instagram makeup application videos on the daily because her warm sunlit filters and her models' pouty pink lips and their shimmering, celestial skin mesmerize me endlessly.

charlotte tilbury bar of gold highlight pillow talk matte lipstick richmond makeup artist review blogger

Charlotte Tilbury's Bar of Gold highlight trio & Matte Revolution Lipstick in "Pillow Talk"

Lately, I've seen her use this one particular highlighting set that was relentlessly tempting me. And then there was a shade of her lipstick in the most universally flattering shade that every MUA whom I respect was raving about. So what do you know, I splurged & bought the pair: the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold palette ($58 - with brush it's $107. Don't choose that one as the brush is certainly not worth the extra $49!) & her most popular Matte Revolution lipstick shade in Pillow Talk. At $34 her lipstick isn't cheap, but it is a beautiful color and so richly pigmented.

Take a peek at those highlighters below! The photo does even do them justice! I mix the champagne and the pale pink ones on myself, and when I have a bit more color in the summer, I'll attempt a crack at the deeper gold shade. This shimmer is somethin' else - the pigment is incredibly finely milled and soft, even slightly creamy, not loose or powder at all. That, I believe, is what makes the shimmer apply so radiantly.

charlotte tilbury bar of gold highlight pillow talk matte lipstick richmond makeup artist review blogger swatches

Left to right: champagne, rose, & gold shade from "Bar of Gold" and "Pillow Talk"

Now onto "Pillow Talk"...the most gorgeous shade you'll ever lay eyes upon! It's a dupe for my very favorite lipstick color of all time, Maybelline's "Warm Me Up", which a neutral pink rose. The matte texture isn't drying, the pigment is rich, and did I mention how much I love the color? Is it worth $34? Ehh, not if you can find its twin for $8!

I'd like to try "So Marilyn", "Very Victoria", or "Bond Girl"next...

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