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Jelly Glitter

"The unicorns were the most recognizable magic the fairies possessed, and they sent them to those worlds where belief in the magic was in danger of falling altogether. After all, there has to be some belief in magic- however small- for any world to survive." - Terry Brooks

So I'm a sucker for anything that glistens, but the name of this product - I mean, c'mon - "Unicorn Light"?! And it traps an iridescent pink glitter in some magical gel?! Who wouldn't throw this down on the Ulta counter almost immediately and say "I don't even care how much it costs! I NEED IT."... okay, maybe not everyone, but I certainly did in far less dramatic terms.

Almay's highlighting product is mind-bending to say the least...


Almay Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite in "Unicorn Light"

This gellied highlighter comes in a large 0.58oz container jiggling with pink-hued shimmer for only $15 (or if you run to Ulta now you can get it for $10.50 since it's on sale this week!). The shimmer is rich with light-reflecting particles and a cool, blue-pink tint, so if you're searching for an average every-day highlighter, this isn't for you. Think out-of-this-world, festival-hopping, feelin'-flirty, disco-dancin' event as the perfect match for this product.


Just the softest tap of a fingertip pulls quite a bit of liquid glitter off of the top of the jelly, so there's no need to dig deep. The best option is to gently pat it on the peaks of the face with your fingers, not to spread around in circles or apply with a brush. I was worried that the liquid and the patting motion would pull away at my foundation underneath, but I was happily surprised that it didn't!

The glitter chunks, though relatively small in size, are numerous and condensed, so a little goes a long way. I can't say that I'd wear this highlight on the regular because my personal beauty regimen isn't funky, and the glitter was quite a lot to handle, but for a costume party or night-out, I may reconsider this girlish shine.

Has anyone tried its blue-tinted sister "Mermaid Magic"? I'd be interested to know how the blue works on various skin tones...

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