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Liquid Vice

"I live by a man's code, designed to fit a man's world, yet at the same time I never forget that a woman's first job is to choose the right shade of lipstick." - Carole Lombard

Urban Decay has been a staple in my kit since day one beginning with their 24/7 eyeliners and award-winning Primer Potion. But lately, I'd been hearing a lot of fuss about their liquid lipsticks, so though I thoroughly abhor liquid lipsticks, I hold onto the hope that one day I'll find the dreamiest formula. Thankfully around the holidays, Ulta produced a cute discounted kit of four miniature Liquid Vices in a wide array of shades, and I was easily sold!


Left to right: Backtalk, Amulet, Purgatory, Crimson

These shades are truly lovely! Backtalk is my personal favorite, but I also received multiple compliments on Crimson while wearing it. There are two mattes (BackTalk & Crimson) and two metallics (Amulet & Purgatory) included. Though online, Amulet falls in the Comfort Matte category, it does have a noticeable metallic sheen to it which is puzzling while Purgatory is listed in the Metallized category.


This is a warm light coral-pink shade, ideal for barely-there lip definition! Think of it as a springtime, I-just-kissed-a-flower color pared with blushing pink cheeks and loosely groomed brows.


A shimmering deep rose shade, Amulet takes it up a notch with a half-red, half-pink lip. I do like this color, but the metallic throws me off a bit due to its harshness.


This is the set's wild-card - a mysterious and sultry plummy berry-tone with some hints of a fuchsia shade in there. It glitters more than shimmers, and it is listed in the Metallized category though, again, it's far less "metallic" than Amulet.


And lastly comes Crimson, a rich blue-toned red that is bold, velvety, and (I'm sure) Snow White's go-to lip color. This is incredibly flattering on pale to medium skin tones!

Despite the fact that Urban Decay has some gorgeous colors and textures in this lip kit, I do not like their wear. They peel and roll up at the slightest lip rubbing making tiny flakes that feel like a lip exfoliant within an hour or two. As most liquid lipsticks do, any oily or greasy substance wears away at the inside of the lip very quickly. Additionally, the pull of the matte shades is strong so comfort is not a benefit either.

Has anyone else had much luck with this product? This is, obviously, a personal preference coming from someone who doesn't much like liquid matte lip products, but from a reader who DOES enjoy them, tell me more about what you love about them...

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