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Classic, Colorful, Comfortable - the Dream Lipstick

"If I had to teach someone just one thing about lip color, it would be this: find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup." - Bobbi Brown

If you're on the prowl for that staple lipstick, look no further than Makeup Forever's Artist Rouge Creme. These tubes are incredibly pigmented and thick, so a little product goes a long way. I have one small issue and it's really superficial, but the packaging isn't the most beautiful or practical. It's a slender metal cylinder of nondescript matte black with a tubular silver edging, and it's surprisingly heavy for those of us who are makeup hoarders and carry full purses. The design does, however, makes sense in the grand scheme of MUFE's general branding being a practical artist-inclined prestige brand.


Left to right: C105, C211, C407

Check out these gorgeous swatches HERE on our YouTube channel:



This luscious neutral-toned nude lipstick is my favorite "colored" nude to date! You know when you've got dramatic eye makeup, and you want nude lips, but you don't want your lips to completely disappear? Well, this is your perfect nude.



Berry-toned goodness awaits in this color-rich, comfortable cream! It is cool, medium in shade, and moisturizing, everything you could want in a seasonally versatile lipstick.



A whole lotta "yeah" and "wow" when this red slides on! If you didn't feel stunning before, you'll certainly feel it after you stroke on a neutral burgundy shade. It doesn't bleed at the edges and lasts very well through heavy use. Just to be on the safe side and to make it last even longer, be sure to put a clear or flesh-toned lipliner underneath.

If you've tried one of these Artist Rouge Cremes, let me know your thoughts and which shade you want to try next!

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