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“Aquarius” by ColourPop & Kathleen Lights

“When the moon is in the Seventh House / And Jupiter aligns with Mars / Then peace will guide the planets / And love will steer the stars / This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius Age of Aquarius…” - The 5th Dimension

When I hear of the word “Aquarius”, I don’t think of the zodiac sign. I think of this epic song, full of 70s grooviness and relaxed freedom. Although Kathleen Light’s new collaboration was most obviously named after her birth month’s zodiac sign, I’d like to pretend it was named after Fifth Dimension’s biggest hit! Her stunning collection is reminiscent of a spectacular sunrise (were there an actual “dawning” of a new age), vibrant, warm tones in the peach family. Check out the swatches and brief review of her shadows and lip colors below!

ColourPop “Aquarius” by KathleenLights

KathleenLights, a spunky young YouTube beauty sensation, happens to be one of my all-time favorite vloggers, and ColourPop is an affordable, funky new makeup line that I discovered close to a year ago, so between the two of them I figured their bundled trio of lipcolors and quad of eyeshadows would be a hit! Click “checkout”…

L to R: “Glow”, “Blaze”, “KathleenLights”, “Cornelius”

I desperately wanted these to be my new go-tos for a quick, natural eye-look, and I continually go back to them, trying new techniques and shading patterns to make them work, but they’re are super hard to manage. “Glow”, a pale cream shade, and “Cornelius”, a golden taupe, are matte and very velvety to the touch, almost a powder-to-cream feel. Sadly, they aren’t well-pigmented at all but apply thinly, don’t build well, and “Glow” in particular is ghost-like. “Blaze”, a warm pewter shade, and “KathleenLights”, a true gold shade, are my favorites, but they are completely cream shadows – don’t let the packaging fool you! They are glitter-laden which makes for a lovely lid shade, but they have to be applied with your finger or patted on with a synthetic flat brush as they easily gunk up fluffy bristles.


L to R: “Aquarius” Ultra Satin, “Aquarius” Ultra Matte, “Aquarius” Ultra Glossy

This lip trio is quite the looker! Though they share the same name, their formulas look and feel uniquely different. Look at their swatches…


“Aquarius” Ultra Satin

A fresh, youthful peachy shade that’s mostly matte but less drying than most matte lip products I’m familiar with. I like the color, but I don’t love it paired with my skin tone.


“Aquarius” Ultra Matte

The fullest embodiment of a matte lipstain! A neutral, warm greige tone with a fantastic staying power but uncomfortable wear which pulls tightly at the lips. I noticed that after I ate some oily foods the center wore away a bit, but that’s a given in any lip product and at least it didn’t peel.


“Aquarius” Ultra Glossy

Love, love, love this gentle pink, peach tone! It has just a dash of shimmer and a lot of moisturizing, buttery goodness. It’s not thick or goopy nor too thin in texture, and the color is dazzlingly airy!

All in all, I’m loving the lip products and could take or leave the eye-shadows. Have any of you tried this set, and if so, what are your thoughts on those two matte shades?

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