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“Colors of the Wind” – Why You Need This Palette

“Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?” – Disney's Pocahontas

Well, can you? You may not be able to now, but with the Tarteist Pro palette and Pocahontas’ drive, anything’s possible! When a friend gifted me this palette for Christmas, I was elated! I had been eyeing this palette for months and was waiting for it to go “out-of-style”, so to speak, in hopes that Tarte would demote it for pro discount. There are so many raving reviews for this palette, and I couldn’t wait to try it, so now that I own it, I felt I must share this good news with you all!

Just crack open this beautiful matte black and shiny gold square palette, and you’re immediately greeted by a gentle vanilla aroma. It’s delightful and not at all overpowering; rather, a refined, fragrant nod to Tarte’s flawless record of trustworthy products. Next, feast your eyes on row after row of rich, warm shades as you open further. With 4 rows of 5 shades each, this palette boasts 16 mattes and 4 shimmers!


Take a look at ONE fingertip swipe of each of the colors going by horizontal rows. You can see how much pigment pull is packed into each shade with no fall-out – it’s truly remarkable!


L to R: Classic, Innocent, Whimsy, Smoked


L to R: Vintage, Fierce, No Filter, Vamp


L to R: Chic, Profesh, Mod, Drama


L to R: Indie, Bold, Edgy, Punk


L to R: Ethereal, Glam, Minx, Trendy

My personal favorites are “Bold”, “Mod”, “Minx”, and “Whimsy” – they are such lookers, and I can’t seem to find those hues in any of my other palettes.

Now the shade “Trendy” is a little trickster – watch how it magically morphs from bronzey-brown to shimmering teal HERE! It is almost a dupe for Urban Decay’s “Lounge” in its duo-chromatic and holographic qualities. You simply must swatch it in the flesh, so head on over to the nearest Ulta or Sephora for glimpse of this mermaid stunner, and while you’re at it, touch a few of the velvety matte shades and see for yourself how incredible they are!

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