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Unique, Boutique Trestique

"To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything." - Marc Jacobs

I happened upon this creative new line of makeup while roaming around at Boston's enormous Quincy Market Sephora, and I was wholly impressed with the shimmering payoff of the highlighter, so naturally I had to delve into the rest of this novel line called Trestique. I chose this adorable mini kit to test a variety of products in one (budget-friendly) shot, and I'd like to share the results with you!testing out highlighters. They only had the full size contour and highlighter stick from

These little "crayons", as they're called, are literally shaped like wide pencils, and the most unique feature of the packaging is that the caps seem to be magnetized to the bottoms making for a super-sealed, airtight product. This set came with a small cylindrical case too, perfectly purse-sized, and five products of your choice; an eye crayon, a lip crayon, a cheek crayon, a highlighter crayon, and a concealer crayon.

Left to right: Kona Coffee (eye color), Florence Fig (lip color), St. Barths Pink (cheek color), Maldives Luminescent (highlighter), Porcelain (concealer)

Let's begin with the favorites: I of course loved the highlighter! After a few strokes, you'll see a faint strobe effect emerge, and being that it's creamy, it sinks directly into your skin. The concealer too was the perfect shade for my fair complexion, and the tip is pointed enough to cover even the tiniest blemishes. The texture is OK, not fantastic as it does crease around the eyes a bit and needs to be "warmed up" to avoid looking crepe-y. As bright as the cheek color looks, it's not a terrible shade for us pale gals, and I could see it look poppy and fresh on a tanner individual. Though it's not my favorite blush shade, it does its job well and blends easily on properly moisturized skin. The eye crayon is super pigmented and incredibly rich in tone almost to a fault, and the lip color is nice but the wear of both of these products is poor.

...which leads us to the downsides of this set: the eye crayon is sketchy, meaning it streaks, pulls, and smudges horribly. I've tried it with primer and without, and I just can't make it work. The lip crayon too is uneven and drying making it my least favorite product of the set even though I really do love the color (it's similar to Clinique's "Fuller Fig" chubby stick!). As expressed earlier, St. Barths Pink cheek color is bright, so it's not a very versatile shade season to season, but that's a personal preference of mine. Is the $36 set worth it then? Yes, if even for the sheer fact that it's cute...yes, I'm one of "those" shoppers...AND it's that quick, no-makeup-makeup set that you can apply just about anywhere and in any situation.

Try it for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

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