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"Baby, Get Your Shine On..."

“We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine.” – Dwight L. Moody

Liquid moonlight. Wet sunshine. Brilliance in a bottle. These are just a few of the descriptions that come to mind when I think of CoverFX’s Custom Enhancer Drops. These neatly packaged bottles are reminiscent of the wildly popular Iconic London Limited Edition Illuminators, and though I personally haven’t tested the other brand, research states that they’re surprisingly comparable. Iconic London’s product goes for roughly $34 American dollars but is shipped from overseas whereas CoverFX’s product costs $42 in the US (though I have a 40% MUA discount through Naimies).

For my first purchase, I chose “Moonlight”, a neutral champagne shimmer, and “Celestial”, a pearlescent, cool shimmer. Check out these droppers at work in the swatches below:

Top to bottom: “Moonlight” & “Celestial”

As if the photographed swatches aren’t enough to get your heart rate going, see these drops in action HERE!

These bottles are glass (or something similar, and they open by twisting revealing a dropper that releases a flat, pea-sized amount. The liquid droplets are medium-consistency, think an oil-based foundation, and though they shimmer and shine brilliantly, there is no scratchy texture or globs of glitter involved! So where and how do you apply this liquid, you may query? Aha! Let me tell you – SO MANY PLACES! Collarbones, décolletage, tops of shoulders, cheekbones, nose, brow bones, teardrop area, eyelids, mixed into your favorite foundation and liquid/cream bronzer, and the list continues. It’s such a multipurpose product (which as you may know, is my favorite type of makeup product), and a little goes a long way, so be conservative in your droplets!

“Moonlight” is a neutral, golden champagne finely-milled shimmer, not too warm, not too cool, but just right for light to medium skin types, providing a lit-from-within glow!

“Celestial” is for those ethereal beauties, porcelain and gently flushed, who need a cool-based shimmer to highlight their soft features.

Both of them are stunning and wear perfectly over liquid and airbrushed foundations. I typically apply them with my fingertips, but you could use a small sponge in a light tapping motion.

Coincidentally, yesterday in my weekly YouTube browsings, I happened upon a recent KathleenLights tutorial with the very same two Custom Enhancers I purchased (“Moonlight” & “Celestial”) along with two others, “Sunlight” & “Candlelight”. (Cue me humming “Sun & Moon” from the musical Miss Saigon!) Kathleen’s far better at gushing about and demoing these highlighters than me, so check out her vlog!

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