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Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow; Is It Worth the Hype?

“Your eyes, they shine so bright / I wanna save that light…” - Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons were obviously talking about the newest Stila makeup sensation when they wrote the lyrics to “Demons”, right? Because the Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow glitters are out-of-this-world pretty…for a fleeting moment! Sadly, these lavishly glittered bottles are all bark and no bite, meaning they’re stunning in and out of the container but have little substance or longevity once applied.

L to R: “Smoldering Satin” & “Smoky Storm”

Click HERE to see the swatches at work in natural light and watch closely for the touch test!

I purchased these close to 2 months ago on a whim after I saw a Stila email blast parading these about with much fanfair! As a glitter addict, I’m prone to hoard shiny, sparkling things, and though I wanted to own the whole line of liquid shadows, I stuck to the basic, universally wearable tones; a pewtery, champagne color called “Smoky Storm” and a slight pinkish, rose gold shade called “Smoldering Satin”. They sure are lookers! Finely milled, colorful specks crowd the gel-like liquid inside and are swiped on with a sponge-tip applicator. So many pretty shades to choose from too!

After swatching and wearing them on my lids for a day, I was sorely disappointed. They truly do apply beautifully, but the glitter gradually crumbles off leaving your cheeks, nose, and lashes littered in light specks. Thankfully, the pieces that fell weren’t enormous chunks and what remained on the lid wasn’t terribly splotchy, but still…glitter should stay where it’s placed; otherwise, it looks cheap and messy. And for the price I paid, it just wasn’t worth the hour or two of shimmering beauty it provides.

Have you had any luck with these little guys? If so, comment below, and please share your experience. In the meantime, I’m on the prowl for a highly glittered eyeshadow, so follow me in the upcoming months to see what I discover!

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