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cozy lash studio Richmond VA lash artist for lash extensions lash lifts lash tints

We offer lash extensions, lash lifts, and lash tints in a cozy, sanitary, private atmosphere at our studio in Henrico, VA. 


Designed to lift and enhance the shape of your eye, the extensions are fibers that are applied strand by strand with a specialty glue to your own lashes and grow out with your natural lash growth cycle. There are two main styles; "doll-eye" which rises in the center for an open-eyed effect, and "cat-eye" which rises in the outermost corner for a doe-eyed effect, and two fill types; "classic" where one fiber is attached to one lash for a natural effect, and "volume" where multiple fibers are attached to one lash to give a full effect.


Simply described, this perm for your lashes restructures the molecules in your lash strands to flip them upwards for roughly 5-6 weeks. This makes them more visible and curled and is effective, safe, and a more cost-effective option than lash extensions!


Using a lash dye, this product darkens and fully coats each lash, giving you weeks of dark lashes without the assistance of mascara. It is perfectly paired with lash lifts to give the appearance of lifted, full natural lashes and is especially beneficial for those with blonde or blond-tipped lashes.

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