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Be Legendary

"Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together" - Elizabeth Taylor

There is something powerful about swiping on your favorite bold lipcolor and stepping out of homes, cars, & bathrooms with a fresh coat of sass. I'm not one for matte lip products, not for their appearance but for the sheer fact that they're almost always uncomfortable; they pull, crack, dry, and feel heavy on my lips. That being said, I'm a sucker for creams, satins, & glosses, anything moisturizing, and that's why I just had to try Smashbox's highly-rated Be Legendary Liquid Lips. And let me tell you...

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. New favorite lip product! It's the strangest cross between a lip stain, lip gloss, and lipstick, most likely the reason Smashbox stopped its title at "Lip...". It possesses the strong pigment and velvety cream of a high-end lipstick but is packed into a cylindrical gloss container complete with a doe-foot applicator stick. I kid you not when I say this is one of THE most comfortable lip products I've ever worn, and it's incredibly durable without the need for lipliner.

Top to bottom: Bad Apple, Bad B, Mauve Squad, Petal Metal

You've got to see these liquid pigments and metals in action HERE on our YouTube channel and the stunning swatches below!

Be Legendary Liquid Lip in "Petal Metal"

Be Legendary Liquid Lip in "Mauve Squad"

Be Legendary Liquid Lip in "Bad B"

Be Legendary Liquid Lip in "Bad Apple"

Be Legendary Liquid Lip in "Bad B", layered with "Petal Metal"

Be Legendary Liquid Lip in "Bad Apple", layered with "Mauve Squad"

So as you can see, these shades are rich! Pigmented, glossy, thick but moveable, everything you could want in a lip color. The first two shades, Petal Metal & Mauve Squad, are in Smashbox's Liquid Metals line and are typically used as toppers (as shown in the final two photos above) and the last two shades, Bad B & Bad Apple, are a part of their Liquid Pigment line. Wear them alone, and they hold their own beautifully. Put them together, and they're the perfect dynamic duo; the Laverne & Shirley, the Lucy & Ethel, the Thelma & Louise of lipstick.

Have you tried a shade yet? What'd you think about it?

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